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Tune Up & Clean Up

Aug 20, 2023Business News

Most of us have experienced the frustration of slow computer response, frequent crashes and error messages.

They are the inevitable result of adding new apps, programs and files over time. The more you expect your computer to do, the more likely it is to struggle with speed and reliability.

Make a point of manually going through your folders and deleting what you no longer need or are storing in the cloud. Also consider what programs and apps you are not using anymore and delete them. Be sure to empty the rubbish bin so they’re gone for good.

It is also a good idea to invest in a computer “tune-up” program. These programs find problem areas and fix them. For example, they look for the clutter of duplicate files, and damaged files, unnecessary software and junk files.

Whilst you are at it, remember to give your keyboard and screen a good clean at leasst once every week. A clean microfibre cloth will help keep the smudges at bay whilst alcohol wipes can be utilized to give the keyboard a good wipe down (don’t forget to connect it first!). For a really good clean, dip a cotton bud into some alcohol and get between those keys!

Don’t be tempted to pull apart your computer yourself to get inside it – leave that part for the experts!

While you are at it, consider how you are naming your files on your computer (or in the cloud) and be sure you camn locate them easily. Does your business have a policy for naming folders and files?